Time to turn up the volume at Rocky Road Music!

Well, it’s fair to say that things have just been getting bigger and better recently at Rocky Road Music, this festival season has been a flurry of large events, weddings in stately homes with drag queens and fire eating and waitresses on stilts…up and down the country we’ve travelled, doing sound events for sports teams with the odd celebrity name thrown in for good measure, festivals in muddy and sunny fields, working with some fantastic live bands. We’ve done theatre shows, high end fashion shows, sports days, charity gigs and good old fashioned disco’s and even a little school fete. Our hire gear is working harder than ever and a week never goes by without our gear adding some volume and atmosphere to someones event, somewhere.

We are really excited and proud to have invested heavily this year in a new, bigger, better sound system for large events, our new line array system will knock your socks off and we love it nearly as much as our understanding wives. We are also on our second year of being able to provide an immense lighting show (as well as the normal smaller rigs for pub gigs and parties).

We have a fantastically hard working team that now means we can cover many events at once. It’s a great time for Rocky Road Music and we thank our customers for coming back to us over and over again. Here’s to the rest of the summer!

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