We offer a complete design and installation service of sound, lighting and AV equipment for schools, churches, halls, sports venues etc.

With many years of experience, our installation team will discuss your requirements to find the right solution for your venue.

Full training of all systems will also be given upon completion of works.


  • PA systems for the main hall for productions, presentations etc
  • Theatre lighting for stage productions & presentations
  • AV equipment including projectors, screens & sound systems


  • Sound systems for sound reinforcement & playback music
  • Including wireless microphones & lectern microphones
  • Hearing aid loop systems
  • AV equipment including projectors, screens & sound systems
  • Maintenance and servicing of existing systems

Hotels, Pubs, Restaurants, Retail Outlets, Gymnasiums

  • Background music systems which can be installed to blend with the surroundings of your venue including the outside space.
  • Larger PA systems for open mics, live music, quiz nights etc.
  • AV equipment including projectors, screens & sound systems

Here’s a few examples from an install we completed in a Bistro, a Church and some lights in school gym.


Smaller discrete speakers for background music

Larger speakers for live music

Spot the speakers!



Control equipment neatly locked away.

These are actually really high up above a temporary stage in a school.