How do we let children still learn to play instruments during COVID 19?

It is so important that children still have the opportunity to play musical instruments during this time. Music teaches so much more than how to make music! It teaches them to be part of a team, it improves mental health, co-ordination, patience, and even improves reading, memory and grades in other subjects! But recorder groups and woodwind orchestras and choirs are a thing of the past at the moment as controlling the transmission of the virus of course, takes precedence. But this doesn’t mean we should let music stop in schools. There is therefore a movement towards ukuleles in schools. They are simple, fairly cheap and it is easy to create a group or class of children playing simple tunes to allow them to enjoy being part of creating music as a group. Most music teachers, even if they aren’t uke players themselves can pick it up very quickly to play a few chords to be able to teach them.

We have researched the market, boy is there some rubbish out there! You can pick up a uke for about the cost of a cup of coffee (I’ll save you the shock, they are totally unplayable – you’d be better off with the coffee!) You can also spend a fortune. We think we have found the right instruments at the right price point for schools. These happy, colourful little ukes are decent quality for a starter instrument and are priced very competitively. You will find you’re getting a great discount if you buy a box of 24 for your school, from us. Please get in touch if we can order you a box, they are going to be in high demand and the discount really wont last long. 01572822535